Go Get Gardening

by Amy on June 23, 2015

You might not think of your garden as a lively place but if you look and listen you will find there is a veritable party going on out there. The flowers brighten the view but the pollinators bring the garden to life. At first you might think this Sphinx Moth 2little Sphinx Moth is a bee; then you might think it a wee hummingbird but then you realize it is a very friendly and busy moth. If you stand very still, the sphinx moth will let you watch from a very close vantage point.

The first stage of many pollinators is a little quieter – caterpillars move quietly along the leaves of your garden munching as they go – sometimes inflicting substantial damage.  The reward of beautiful butterflies and moths makes up for the inconvenience of some slightly denuded plants.  This little fellow will soon be a Swallowtail butterfly – first eating the plaImmatureSwallowtailCaterpillarnt, then pollinating so that seeds will be sown for next years plants and flowers.


Alley in Ansouis, France

Everyone needs a little bit of green to stay connected with nature and the earth.  Even in some of the most impossible or improbable places with limited water and sun, gardens bloom.  This series of gardens is in a tiny alley that serves as the front yard for a number of homes in Ansouis, France. Does that tree survive out of plain tenacity or is it that the people tend to the gardens and enjoy them? Whether in a pot, a planter, a hole in the pavement, a small bed or the back 40 acres, gardens are wonderful, personal spaces that keep you in touch with nature and reward you with beauty.


Water Consumption at 14% of National Average!!!

May 30, 2015

According to the EPA’s WaterSense program, the average American family of four uses about 300 gallons of water a day. We have been working hard to reduce water usage at our home. Since moving into the city in August of 2014 our average family of four’s water use has been 43 gallons per day – […]

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Green Travelogue – Firenze – Live Like A Native

May 23, 2015

So now you are back home…alas, so am I…but I plan to visit Florence again soon.  Meanwhile, how do I keep that Tuscan vibe alive? By vowing to try and live like a Florentine at home? How? By walking everywhere; living with the sun and seasons; eating fresh and seasonal foods; hanging my clothes out […]

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Dark Sky and the Streets Department

May 16, 2015

Light is different in the vertical environment of the city.  We chose to live on a numbered street so the house runs east-to-west and has a south facing light shaft.  This brings light down through the house especially in the summer. Even with that, sunrise and sunset are wonderful at the highest levels but the […]

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Philadelphia From A Bike Seat

May 11, 2015

Since moving to the city I have rediscovered the joy of riding my bicycle. It took about two weeks for me to build up the courage to ride with traffic and then another week to build up even more courage to venture out at night with lights blazing! This Friday, May 15th, is Bike to […]

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Green Travelogue: Firenze

April 29, 2015

Florence is a beautiful city filled with art and history. That is what the tourists come for, many of the vendors depend on and much of the general populace takes for granted. Florence is also a very livable city. It is clean. It has successful recycling and food waste composting programs. It has virtually unlimited […]

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Green Travelogue: Frankfurt International Airport

April 21, 2015

I have never been in Frankfurt, Germany….well not really…but I have been in the Frankfurt International Airport which is technically in Frankfurt so maybe I can count it…If the airport is anything like the city, Frankfurt must be clean, green and easy to negotiate…in other words, Frankfurt International Airport is a sustainable place that presents […]

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Pres. Obama Takes Sustainability into the Next Decade

March 26, 2015

By signing Executive Order Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade, President Obama set new sustainability goals for the federal government that have the potential to make a huge impact on energy and water use in both the federal and private sectors. Signed on March 19, 2015, the Order requires federal agencies to reduce […]

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Green Travelogue: The Palm Beaches

March 2, 2015

Winter has been blowing through the mid-Atlantic with a depressing ferociousness and it brought snow, sleet, and biting cold with it. Using my husband’s trip to a conference as an opportunity for a quick defrost, I embarked on a quick trip to West Palm Beach, Florida. Having flown into Ft. Lauderdale we took the airport […]

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