Lawyer Water

by Amy on April 16, 2014

As I was waiting to meet with a lawyer the other day the receptionist asked if I would care for coffee or something else to drink.  “Water would be great.” was my answer. I was presented with a styrofoam cup and a bottle of water.LawyerWater  I know that this particular office has a kitchen with a dishwasher.  I also know that the town has excellent water.

I sat there pondering – why. Why present me with two petrochemical based vessels? Why not offer tap water in a washable glass? Why the expense of bottled water? Why not serve the water in a reusable pitcher? Why have such a complicated solution to a simple request – buying and storing cups and water takes time, effort, money and storage space – disposing may be as simple as throwing it away or as complex as recycling the refuse.

Then I pondered – do they. Do they recycle? Do they realize the health issues associated with styrofoam? Do they know that the town has great water? Do they see the waste of money and resources that my simple request caused?

I am sure that the receptionist thought no further than meeting my request but a much simpler, economical and ecologically minded solution was at hand – turning the handle on the faucet and serving up a glass of water; low cost, plentiful, clean, tap water.  Sometimes the simplest solutions are the ones we think of last.

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One Easy Way to Create a Water Budget For Your Home

March 4, 2014

Pull out your water bills for the past year and calculate total usage Divide through by 365 to obtain a daily usage number The EPA calculates standard US daily household water usage on three levels.  Take a look at the following chart.  Where does your consumption fit?     My 1990 tract house with 4 […]

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1000 Ways to Act Up On World Water Day – 3/22/2014

February 22, 2014

Well maybe not 1,000 but lots of ways… Learn more about the issues by reading some great books:         And checking out some great resources like: for lots of links to information about the world wide crisis  EPA for information about your drinking water  National Water Resources Association for conservation […]

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Host a Sustainable Movie Festival – 8 Great Films

February 18, 2014

What are you and your organization doing for World Water Day or Earth Day? Why not hold an environmental movie festival?  Here are some great films for you to choose from: Trashed. Jeremy Irons hosts this eye opening expose about the amount of garbage we generate and how it is or is not disposed of.  […]

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Congrats to Amy

January 16, 2014

Congrats to Amy for upgrading her LEED AP to a LEED AP BD&C designation!

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US Oil Production Exceeds Net Imports

November 15, 2013

USA Today- “STAT DU JOUR — USA Today 1A, “Worth gushing over: Oil output eclipses imports,” by Wendy Koch:”The United States tiptoed closer to energy independence last month when – for the first time in nearly two decades – it produced more crude oil than it imported, the U.S. government said Wednesday. The nation has […]

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Congrats to Amy for earning her BPI Certified Professional Credentials!

November 8, 2013

Congratulations to Amy for earning her BPI Certified Professional Credentials! Home audits?  – Check! Sustainability Reviews? – Check! Building construction, durability and performance knowledge? – Check! Blower Door checks and verification? – Check! Making sure your home is a high performance building? – Check! This rigorous, hands-on training builds on her already strong construction and […]

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Getting the Water Right

November 7, 2013

Stroud Water Research Center‘s new Moorhead Environmental Complex has been awarded LEED Platinum.  Check out the case study article that Amy wrote for the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) annual convention.

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Chasing Ice

September 18, 2013

There is lots of talk about climate change but sometimes it is such an obtuse concept that we get lost in it.  See the movie “Chasing Ice” and the impact of a changing climate will come smartly into focus.  Thanks to the Stroud Water Research Center, I, with about 300 other viewers, was able to […]

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The One-Bag-A-Week Challenge

September 18, 2013

The average American family of 4 sends 154 pounds of trash a week to their local landfill. Of that, at least 40% or 77 pounds is recyclable. If a bag is usually about 20 pounds then the average family tosses 3-4 bags of trash a week! I’ll bet that if you take a look in […]

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