A Little Bit of Country on South Street

by Amy on June 27, 2017

April 1

We have lots of garden areas at our house in South Philly but no real area to grow veggies so, we were excited when we got the news that a garden plot had opened up at the South Street Community Garden and that we were invited to join the active group who garden there.  Brimming with excitement we arrived for our introduction to the garden and to get our hands dirty in OUR PLOT!!!

The do’s and don’ts of the garden were somewhat daunting but our first look at our plot was slightly more daunting.  Intrepid gardeners that we are, the detritus left by the last gardener left us thinking, “wow that looks like a lot of work”.  And then, looking around at the other established, pristine gardens, we were left thinking, “Uh-oh, this looks a little competitive….will we measure up?”

We went home and drew up a plan.  Next day armed with tools, water and a bucket we went back to dig and turn and weed and learn a bit more about the garden.  Every gardener had a story about the big red Cannas that had grown in our plot the year before.  No one really remembered the Dahlias that we kept digging up or the myriad tomato plants that kept popping up or the enormous amount of Purslane that grew.  As we dug we found rocks and pavers and glass and children’s toys but above all we found rich soil that seemed to be just waiting for seeds.  We also found that the garden shed has just about everything: tools, compost bins, and water and the garden had just about everything: friendly faces, helpful hints and lots of camaraderie.

April 2 May 10 April 30 June 15

Two months in we find that yes, it is a bit of a competition – her grapes are coming in really well – wow his tomatoes are much taller than mine – how did they get that Kale to grow so large?  But the plot has settled down and we have found that really, the garden is filled with wonderful, supportive people who just want to spend a little time digging in the dirt and talking plants with their neighbors.  If you get a chance to join a community garden, do. You will find it is a happy place to live and learn.

June 5 June 22

And we are enjoying carrots, snap peas, strawberries, peppers, baby zucchini and greens!

Oh how fun a garden in the city can be!


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