Divert trash $$$ to school $$$!

by Amy on June 23, 2017

Want to reduce you waste footprint? Focus on the amount of food waste that you generate and follow this great hierarchy for consciously reducing the amount that you send to the landfill.


Once you tackle food, start looking at the rest of your waste stream and challenge yourself to amassing only One-Bag-A-Week of landfill bound trash.  You will be rewarded with a smaller waste footprint, the knowledge that you have helped your city or municipality meet their zero waste goals, save municipal tax dollars from landfill tipping fees – maybe your reduction can help divert those trash $$$ to school $$$! – and, through composting, give back to the earth by returning the food to the soil.

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arline lloyd June 23, 2017 at 9:27 pm

wow , is this confusing….too quickly presented to understand


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