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Sustainability Begins at Home ™

I am passionate about enjoying a full and sustainable lifestyle.  GreenBeams works to help renters and homeowners answer the question, what can I, one little person, do in the face of an avalanche of dire environmental predictions and spiking energy costs?  By looking at utility bills and examining living spaces for environmental problems, looking at recycling and waste disposal habits and how you operate your living space, and how you make food choices, we can collaboratively develop a sustainable lifestyle plan designed to reduce costs and make your life more healthy.


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Sam Pickens January 17, 2012 at 1:07 am

I’m in the middle of an extended house remodel; I put solar panel mounts on the roof in the late 70’s and nothing is on them yet. I’m about to put on a new roof and need to decide whether to leave them or not. The original plan was to add 2000 Sq” and heat it with a kitchen match burned in midwinter and, perhaps, another in late February — if needed. Now I also want year round humidity of ~44% (I’m a desert rat).
Is this your bailiwick?
And – what is: “January 19, 2012 – Meet at Talula’s
7:30 am, Green Coffee Chats”?
Who meets there?
Sort of who,what, when & why,


amy February 9, 2012 at 12:25 pm

I wonder where you are located.
I also wonder if you have investigated Passive House construction.
The Green Coffee Chats are just that, chats about sustainability on topics of interest to those that show up. Hope you can come next Thursday.


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