Our Sustainability Commitment

GreenBeams™, LLC has made a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.


  • We used to produce all of our own electricity via a roof mounted photovoltaic array. Now we are working on reducing demand in preparation for installing an array in Philly.
  • We have set a goal of reducing electricity consumption by 5% by year end 2018 over 2017.
  • We use hybrid vehicles and strives to limit vehicle miles and have set a goal of reducing gas consumption by 5% by year end.
  • We strive to reduce water consumption and have set a goal of reducing water use by 10% by year end.
  • The company captures rainwater for garden irrigation in two rainbarrels.
  • We also strive to conserve natural gas, which we use for heat and cooking.


  • We participate in the One-Bag-A-Week Challenge™ to reduce solid waste destined for the landfill and strive to consciously purchase products that have recyclable packaging and can be recycled. We work to deconstruct all items destined for the landfill identifying ways to recycle each part whether it is paper, carpet, or computer chips. GreenBeams™ has set a zero waste goal by year end 2016.
  • Paper use is limited. All consumed paper contains recycled material and is subject to 100% recycling.  All plastic, glass and metal is subject to 100% recycling.
  • Packaging material is recycled.
  • Wine corks are recycled at Whole Foods.
  • Printer cartridges are recycled at Staples.
  • Batteries are recycled at Hoe Depot.

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