The Pollinators Are Here

Spring is in full swing.  The birds have built their nests and are waiting the first stirrings in their eggs.  The early blooming trees and flowers are finishing up and the less intrepid spring bloomers are opening up.  A sometimes overlooked but of activity is the pollinators who are scouring the garden looking for flowers to feed on and pollinate. Doug Tallamy in his book Bringing Nature Home makes a compelling argument that those pollinators need native plants to survive and prosper.  When you are planning your garden or are out buying new plants for your garden, think of those pollinators and look for native flowering plants that will provide beauty, food and fragrance in your garden.

So who are these pollinators? We always think first of the honeybee.  But what about the butterflies?
ButterflyandLilacMonarch and Verbena





Other bees and wasps, flies and moths? They are all out there looking for food and doing the wonderful job of pollinating our flowers so that they can produce fruits and seeds. Lets give them the best, most appropriate food possible.

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