Sunshine Clean is a Healthy Clean

 Try a New Way to Clean

Your great-grandmother probably made her own cleaners.  After WWII major manufacturers had all these great products and chemicals that had been developed for the war efforts but had no military to whom to sell them.

Thank goodness for Housewives! A whole new market was discovered for the repackaged, repurposed and renamed chemical soup.

Many of the commonly used cleaning products are toxic causing headaches, breathing problems and some cancers.

Read the labels of your cleaning products carefully.  Be on high alert if the labels contain any of the following words: Hazardous; Warning; Corrosive; Caution; Dangerous; May cause cancer; or Chronic health hazard.  Be sure to carefully dispose of products; Do not pour them down the drain.   You may want to call your disposal company and ask if it is ok to put the products in the trash – some of those products may have to be disposed of on a hazardous material pick up day!.

Before You Clean

  • Let the sun shine in – Open up the curtains, drapes, blinds and shutters
  • Let the fresh air in – Open up the windows to get rid of stale air
  • Read the labels of your cleaning products carefully.  Beware if the labels contain any of the following words: Hazardous, Warning, Corrosive, Caution, Dangerous, May cause cancer or Chronic health hazard.  Be sure to dispose of carefully.
  • Replace your cleaners with these items that may already be on your shelf– because you can clean almost everything with the following:
    • White vinegarCommon Household Items Make Great Cleaning Products: A note about white vinegar.  Diluted with water white vinegar can clean just about anything from floors and windows to counters and furniture.
    • Borax
    • Baking Soda
    • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Salt
    • Lemon Juice
    • Olive Oil
    • Vegetable Oil
    • Mayonnaise
    • Mineral Oil
    • Various essential oils in scents that you love. This might include: orange, grapefruit, eucalyptus, lemon, cinnamon, peppermint oil, lavender, clove and Tea Tree.  Maybe add some chamomile and lemongrass as well!

If You Don’t Want to Make Your Own – some manufacturers create environmentally and people friendly cleaning supplies that you can use for a healthy clean:

If you love scent then try –

  • Tea Tree and Eucalyptus makes a great antiseptic
  • Lemon and Oranges makes a great degreaser
  • Bergamot and Lemon makes a refreshing scent
  • Rosemary controls mold
  • Mint and Eucalyptus works against insects

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