December 2012













Disappointing electrical generation for the second straight month (clouds) coupled with almost double the monthly power usage has driven a poor net showing in electricity this month.  Total excess generation is still up over last year by nearly 39% but we must all do better to conserve power.  One item that has been running pretty consistently is the heat so fan power consumption has risen, we have been doing a fair amount of entertaining hence dishwasher and hot water draws and it has been very cloudy and dark this past month prompting more electric lighting demand instead of daylight illumination.

Excuses excuses.

What looks like excellent work on the gas demand side is really not – the gas meter is broken and PECO cannot get here until January 7th!  Right now it registers a constant number and produces an audible click every few seconds.

Water and sewer have both been billed on estimates so difficult to tell results but full year water usage is down slightly from last year.


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