September, 2011

Utility Consumption Comparison

Measuring your utility use helps you to better manage

When we measure we can manage – so what happened at our house that has resulted in these huge changes from last year?

  • Electric:
    • Disconnected the dryer and have been using the clothes line
    • Disconnected the microwave
    • Installed compact fluorescent bulbs in all table lamps and are testing LEDs in the ceiling lights
    • Installed power strips at the TV and Computer stations and shut them off when not in use.
    •               RESULT: Year-to-date kilowatt hour reduction of 1,815kWh.
    •               RESULT: Net zero energy
    • Gas:
      • Disconnected the dryer
      • RESULT: 19 Ccf reduction in consumption
    • Water:
      • Consciously did not water the vegetable garden this summer
      • RESULT: 10,000 gallon reduction in demand
    • Sewer:
      • RESULT: 9,000 gallon reduction driven by water consumption
    • Trash:
      • Participation in the One-Bag-A-Week Challenge cut weekly trash in half
      • RESULT: Significantly more recyclables

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