September 2013














Oh sunny days!  We kept consumption down – even below last month – for a near record net electric generation of 482 kWh (the net record so far was 546kWh in April of this year)! This sunshine has resulted in a late season drought for our local trees.  Typically we have a rainy season in September to make up for the July/August drought – that period seems to have shifted.  Hopefully we will get lots of snow to help the trees and ground water reserves recover. Anyway, if the sun keeps shining then, maybe – just maybe – total production and net production can catch up with last year!…maybe if we don’t turn on any lights….

Why any gas consumption? Lots of company and lots of sheets and towels to dry.  Gas consumption is way above last year – we can take some solace in the fact that consumption is still 5-12% below the years 2007-2011 but as we move into the heating months, this consumption will need to be watched.

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