This may be the second simplest home improvement you ever perform and it will save you gallons of water!

 You will need:       Replacement 1.0 gpm aerator                               Some muscle power

Replace the aerator and halve your water consumption

Replace the aerator and halve your water consumption









Installation Steps:

First, make sure the faucet is closed and the water has stopped running.

Unscrew the old aerator.  This may take a bit of doing if it has been installed for any length of time but you should be able to loosen it with your hand.

Screw the new aerator into the faucet. Make sure that it is threaded correctly.

Hand tighten the aerator very snugly.

The New Aerator Installed

The New 1.0 gpm aerator installed in the faucet

















Test the connection by turning on the water. If it sprays, it is too loose and needs to be tightened.

Ta da, you did it!