Creative Confidence

Creative ConfidenceThis quote from Creative Confidence captured the goal of this book, “I stopped treating design thinking like it was something separate that people needed to learn, and I just started treating it like it was everyday life…”

Creative Confidence gives you the rationale for using creativity to innovate in life and at work and it gives you the tools to inspire yourself and your team to get beyond, “All the overplanning, all the procrastinating, and all the talking…You want everything to be ‘just right’ before you commit further or share something with others. That tendency leads us to wait rather than act, to prefect rather than launch.”   This tendency causes us to miss opportunity and potential revenue.

It is a tendency based in fear of failure – the techniques and methods discussed in this book and on the Creative Confidence website give you the tools to move beyond fear to idea generation and action.  Check out the Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit  and the’s Virtual Crash Course

Be warned that the first three chapters seem to move very slowly but they are integral to the later chapters so slog through – you will be happy that you did.

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